Jack Bradbury -- Extra Material


Early Spunky Sketches   [5 pictures]
Early version of Spunky, the 'Pronto Kid'.
Hugh Biggs   [11 pictures]
In later years, Jack was kicking around an idea for a comic strip based on a retired couple, Hugh and Alice Biggs, and their dog, Biff. These are some model sheets.
Letters   [57 pictures]
Correspondence primarily between Jack and comic book editors (mainly Animated Comics, Inc/Standard), 1948-1951. This includes the production of the Spunky comic book series. Some of this is mundane detail, but reading through in sequence tells a story of interaction between artist and publisher, volatility of the comic book market, etc.
Magazine Cartoons   [70 pictures]
Cartoons intended for magazines, probably around 1950. None sold, and Jack decided he was better at writing comic book stories than single-panel gags.
Shennanigans   [11 pictures]
An un-sold comic idea based on "America's Little People", but with a familiar-looking horse. (Date not known)
Sketchbook   [45 pictures]
From a sketchbook of Jack's. (Don't know the period this includes - 1930's and 40's ?)

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