Comic Art by Jack Bradbury


» Spunky Comic Book
           1   [29 pages]
Spunky No. 1 (April 1949) -- "Gets His Wish", "Heap Small Injun", "The Badman", "In the Ghost Mine!", "Too Many Chores"
           2   [31 pages]
Spunky No. 2 (July 1949) -- "Fights Back!", "Spunky and Little-Injun", "Spunky and Stanley", "Ghost Town Strangers", "Happy Birthday, Dear Stanley", "Stanley"
           3   [31 pages]
Spunky No. 3 (Sept 1949) -- "The Love-Bug Bites", "Aches 'n' Pains", "Fishhooks", "Bucky the Burro", "Heap Big Soldier", "The Mystery of the Mirage", "Stanley the Seahorse", "Spunky and Stanley"
           4   [31 pages]
Spunky No. 4 (Sept 1950) -- "Cow-Punchy", "Notes to You", Pepito in "Hot Stuff", "Injun Trouble", "A Bum Steer", "The Phantom Mine", "Weatherman Stan"
           5   [30 pages]
Spunky No. 5 (May 1951) -- "Meet Mr. Whiskers", "The Eatin' Fool", Pepito in "The Good Deed", "Enough Rope", "The Sharp Shooter", "Prairie Dogs"
           6   [29 pages]
Spunky No. 6 (August 1951) -- "Chow Time", "Aunt Kate Rides Again", "Stanley", Pepito in "The Theeng", "Alterations As Usual", "Alias the Beaver Boys", "Can You Spare A Buck"
           7   [30 pages]
Spunky No. 7 (Nov 1951) -- "So I See", "Heap Big Medicine", "Mouse-Trapped", Pepito in "Hoppy Borthday Mamacita", "Little Boy - BIg Stomach",

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