Comic Art by Jack Bradbury


» Spunky Comic Book--Inked
           1   [4 pages]
"Bucky the Burro"
           2   [8 pages]
"Spunky Gets His Wish"
           3   [1 page]
"Stanley" (hoss-fly)
           4   [1 page]
"Spunky and Stanley" (spurs)
           5   [3 pages]
"Heap Big Soldier" ('Half-Calf' became 'Little-Injun' for publication)
           6   [6 pages]
"The Badman"
           7   [4 pages]
"Heap Small Injun" (last page missing)
           8   [5 pages]
"The Mystery of the Mirage"
           9   [3 pages]
"Too Many Chores"
           a   [9 pages]
"Spunky Fights Back"
           b   [1 page]
"Spunky and Stanley" (half page)
           c   [1 page]
"Stanley" (half page)
           d   [5 pages]
"Happy Birthday, Dear Stanley"
           e   [5 pages]
"Aches 'n' Pains"
           f   [2 pages]
"Spunky and Stanley"
           g   [8 pages]
"The Love-Bug Bites"
           h   [2 pages]
"Stanley the Sea-Horse"
           i   [2 pages]
"Spunky" (fishhooks)
           j   [6 pages]
"Spunky and Half-Calf" (became Little-Injun for publication)

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