Making a local copy of this website

This website has been mirrored into a single 'iso' image file for download. You may burn this image file onto a cd and thereby have a complete (updated to February, 2019), operational copy of this website, allowing you to view any of the comics or other materials off-line. All the links should work just the same as if you are browsing the site on-line. 


  1. Here is the link to the jbrad.iso file. Save this file to your computer in whatever manner works for your set-up (often this means something like right clicking on the link in your browser, and then "save linked content as...") NOTE: This file is about 460 MBytes, so it will take a while to transfer.

  2. Burn the image file to a cd. NOTE: This process must be done in a way that puts an ISO file system onto the cd, so that you can access the original file structure. (You do NOT want to just make a simple copy of the jbrad.iso file to the cd.) How you do this will depend on what cd burning program you use. Mine has an option for 'Burn image', and then I specify the particular .iso file that I want to use.

  3. Once you have the burned cd, you just need to aim your web browser program at the 'index.html' file at the top level of the cd. (You may be able to just explore the cd files and double click on index.html, or from your web browser, choose 'Open' and then navigate to the index.html.) This should bring up the Jack Bradbury Comics homepage. From here you can browse the site as usual.

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